• March is Frozen Food Month The frozen food aisle is quickly adapting to meet the ever-changing dining habits of consumers. There are over 3,700 frozen

  • Here we are in the second half of 2018, and even with a slight, expected seasonal downturn in rates at the end of July, according to DAT, the average

  • Are you a refrigerated or frozen food shipper? If so, you understand just how important it is that your cargo arrives at its destination the perfect t

  • Strict temperature requirements, energy dependence, specialized equipment along with forever changing government regulations concerning food safety ha

  • No one understands how important shelf life is better than the frozen food executive! Shelf life matters, and it matters a lot–whether you are s

  • Why choose a third party logistics provider for your frozen ltl transportation needs? Lots of companies are turning to 3PL providers during these time

  • Let’s face it, the logistics market is tight. The driver shortage is never-ending, the economy is great, and the hard enforcement of the ELD mandate c

  • When looking for a logistics partner, most shippers try to balance a need for cost-efficient shipping with an equal–or often greater–need

  • Meet Sal! Sal’s a busy frozen seafood executive with a lot on his plate. The past six months have given Sal a headache. If you’re in logistics, you kn

  • Everyone’s talking about the many challenges shippers face in a volatile market. The driver shortage is contributing to the capacity crunch. The econo

  • What happens when you order something that arrives late or damaged or both? Do you blame UPS or Fed-Ex? Most of the time, the answer is no–you b

  • Here at Pyramid Transport, we pride ourselves on knowing our customers and the unique challenges they face. We invest the necessary time into studying

  • Trucking companies face unique challenges. The driver shortage, new regulations due to the ELD Mandate, along with the accompanying tight capacity are

  • At Pyramid Transport, we partner with shippers and carriers to efficiently and cost-effectively move freight. We’re especially good at temperature-con

  • The driver shortage continues to be big news. According to an American Trucking Associations Report released in October, the shortage was supposed to

  • Quality delivery of refrigerated and frozen LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipments demands a higher level of expertise from your shipping partner. While

  • Refrigerated & Frozen LTL Shipping Pyramid Transport has nearly 25 years of experience with refrigerated and frozen ltl shipping. We have grown a

  • Shipping perishable or frozen items requires a specialized approach in order to assure the stability and safety of products as they make their way fro

  • How much water can you store in that hump? That’s a popular misconception, camels do not store water in their humps. We store fat in our humps t

  • Fact: We all eat. Unless you live in Eden, we all rely on logistics to get our food to us. A great deal of that food is frozen. Have you ever stopped

  • FTL (Truckload) and LTL (less-than-truckload) are two totally different modes of transportation. Do you know the difference? If you’re an LTL sh

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