You Can Be a Frozen Foods Shipper of Choice

Here we are in the second half of 2018, and even with a slight, expected seasonal downturn in rates at the end of July, according to DAT, the average reefer spot rate is still up 26% over July of 2017. The truth is, that nowhere is capacity tighter than in the temperature-controlled freight market where there are 8.9 loads for every truck.

We’ve written before about the perfect storm of events in 2018 which have created this transportation conundrum in the frozen and refrigerated segment. The biggies are:

  • Enforcement of the ELD mandate.
  • Continuing and increasing driver shortage.
  • A strong economy.


Being a shipper in this logistics environment is difficult to say the least. That’s why at Pyramid Transport, we suggest shippers make it a priority to be a shipper of choice. The most simple definition of “shipper of choice” is the shipper carriers most want to work with!

How will being a shipper of choice benefit you?

Transportation and delivery of frozen and temperature-controlled foods requires a higher level of expertise due to regulations, as well as, specialized equipment, innovative technologies, and, often, warehousing. In the cold chain, trust is important; after all, even meager temperature variations can ruin the taste and texture of certain foods.

Being a shipper of choice gives you an edge. It means that carriers want to work with you, and in times of reduced capacity, that’s exactly what you need. Not being a shipper of choice will cost you in time, money, and capacity, forcing you to work with carriers you don’t or can’t trust, putting the quality of your valuable products on the line!

How can you become a shipper of choice?

The number one priority of frozen food shippers is to have their product retain its superior quality while being transported and delivered on-time. Working with 3PL experts, like Pyramid Transport, is the quickest route to the perfect end! We have a plan and a process that ensures you are a shipper of choice!

What can you do?

  • Quick payments! Carriers love to work with shippers who pay accurately and promptly!
  • No detention! Be mindful of your drivers and the time frames they are working within. New HOS rules as well as the ELD mandate means that your driver has very little wiggle room.
  • Provide driver friendly facilities–break rooms with vending machines or healthy food and drink choices, available bathrooms, and nice parking areas.
  • Create and cultivate relationships. Carriers like to work with frozen food shippers who collaborate, listen, and communicate!


Relationships are what we do best at Pyramid Transport. We have strong, long-term relationships with nearly 5000 carriers. With 25 years in the frozen-food delivery business, we are uniquely positioned to help you become a shipper of choice. We know how much relationships matter! And we put that knowledge to work for our frozen and temperature-controlled shippers.

Ship with Pyramid Transport–we deliver freight for the best frozen food companies in the world!

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