Keeping Your Freight Frosty

Strict temperature requirements, energy dependence, specialized equipment along with forever changing government regulations concerning food safety have always made cold chain logistics challenging. But 2018 has been a year of many changes with the enforcement of the ELD rule and rising rates due to tight capacity and a driver shortage that just won’t quit.

Staying on top of the changes required for the increased demand to deliver frozen goods more quickly and efficiently while following strict regulations creates big headaches for frozen food specialists. After all, your frozen products require stringent temperature control. Even the slightest change in temperature can change the texture or flavor of your goods. It’s imperative that you keep your customers satisfied if you want to retain their business.

One of the biggest challenges in the cold chain is finding and hiring a competent carrier. While cost is often the predominating factor executives look at when choosing a carrier, they soon learn that cost isn’t the most accurate indicator of good service. Here at Pyramid Transport, we’ve spent a good amount of time exploring the importance of understanding cost vs. service.

A good 3PL will get to know their customers and will understand exactly what service level and what services that shipper requires for each shipment. At Pyramid Transport, that’s exactly what we do. We know that trying to find a quality carrier for your frozen food is a distraction that eats your time and keeps you from the work you do best.

When you ship with Pyramid Transport, you change the way you do business because you no longer have to worry about low-cost carriers mismanaging your frozen goods. Instead, you rely on experts who work with over 4500 qualified carriers who provide on-time service (we have a 96% on-time rating), excellent equipment, and follow federal safety regulations.

We’ll keep your freight frosty because Frozen LTL and FTL is our specialty. That’s why we’re happy to help the best frozen food companies in the world avoid distractions and stay focused by making the delivery process clear.

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