Keeping It Cool

Shipping perishable or frozen items requires a specialized approach in order to assure the stability and safety of products as they make their way from points of origin to destinations. The consistent temperature of any supply chain is called a cold chain. Cold chains are necessary in the shipment of fresh foods or produce, frozen goods, some pharmaceuticals, and seafood.

 The necessity of a cold chain provides a particular set of challenges for a shipper. It’s not enough to find quality transportation for a product, the shipper must also find quality transportation that both modulates temperature but also evaluates and modifies temperature in real-time in order to meet the stringent guidelines for specific products.

 Third-party logistic providers, like Pyramid Transport, can be a frozen or fresh food shipper’s best friend because logistics providers are uniquely positioned to find the best solutions for any particular shipments. Uninterrupted cold chains are hard-to-come by because they require a dedication to knowing all there is to know in the ever-changing environment of cold chain logistics.

 At Pyramid Transport, we work with over 5000 carriers to solve both LTL and FTL needs. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront to the newest technologies in temperature-controlled shipments. Refrigeration is an important business–that’s why we’ve made it our specialty by creating partnerships with carriers using refrigerated trucks, reefer compartments, insulated compartments and disposable and reusable bulkheads.

We monitor temperatures, so you don’t have to. At Pyramid Transport we are always looking for new, smart, and innovative ways to keep your freight cool!

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