Is Frozen Food Real Food?

March is Frozen Food Month

The frozen food aisle is quickly adapting to meet the ever-changing dining habits of consumers. There are over 3,700 frozen options for beginners, parents, chefs, and foodies to choose from.

Frozen foods address a vast amount of cultures and dietary requirements.

  • You’ll find what’s trending, whether it’s vegan, ethnic, gluten-free, organic or antibiotic-free meat, in the frozen food section of your local grocery store.

Frozen foods last much longer than fresh food – wasting less food and saving money.

  • Perfect portions equal no waste.
  • You pay for 100% edible food – no stalks, seeds or rinds.
  • Prices stay consistent throughout the year.

The quick freezing process stops the clock and preserves all the nutritional value, freshness and flavor.

  • Enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables, with all the nutritional benefit, all year long.

Keeping your freezer stocked makes meal prep fast and easy.

  • You save time in the kitchen… No more picking, cleaning and chopping.

It’s March Frozen Food Month and the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association is encouraging everyone to Savor the Taste of Real Food…Just Frozen!

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