How Smart Shippers Avoid the High Costs of Bad Service

What happens when you order something that arrives late or damaged or both? Do you blame UPS or Fed-Ex? Most of the time, the answer is no–you blame the the company you ordered from. That late or damaged delivery might just cost Target, Crate and Barrel, or your favorite online merchant your business.

Most shippers don’t take into account this simple truth: bad service in the form of late or damaged freight results in a loss of customer respect and continued business.

Here at Pyramid Transport, we specialize in the transportation of temperature-controlled freight. We pride ourselves on giving customers the best service available because we know cold-chain logistics and understand both the regulations and the sensitivity of frozen or refrigerated freight. There’s no room for error in your cold chain, and on-time delivery is a must.

The transportation market is volatile these days! Hard-enforcement of the ELD mandate coupled with the ongoing driver shortage has really reduced capacity. With rates skyrocketing and service plummeting, we believe the best move for smart shippers is to cultivate relationships! Smart shippers need logistics partners who care about their reputation and understand the industry.

That’s what shippers find when they work with Pyramid Transport. You see, we care about your freight and we care about your reputation. With 25 years experience moving time-sensitive, temperature-controlled, critical freight, we know what it takes to keep your customers happy. And we’re willing to go the extra mile.

We offer 24/7 customer service, online tracking of your shipments, and service throughout the United States. We have excellent relationships with over 5000 carriers, and we are always adding more. This means we are positioned to find the best carrier for your unique transportation needs.

Smart shippers realize that their reputation is dependent on the reliable, consistent, and efficient delivery of their product. That’s why smart shippers partner with Pyramid Transport.

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