Finding the Right Logistics Partner

Let’s face it, the logistics market is tight. The driver shortage is never-ending, the economy is great, and the hard enforcement of the ELD mandate continues to reverberate. Shippers are looking for ways to ease the pain.

We understand that pain. That’s why we suggest shippers find, create, and cultivate great partnerships with an experienced third party logistics provider (3PL). We believe this is a shipper’s best defense against the capacity crunch in the ever-changing logistics ecosystem.

But how do shippers know when a (3PL) truly offers a consistent and reliable service? And how do 3PLs differentiate themselves from a growing pack of providers? The shifting landscape calls for new and innovative services and the breadth of available technology levels the playing field.

We have been studying the idea of cost vs. service level–how much service do shippers want and need? How much service are shippers willing to pay for?

It’s a good question. Too often, shippers don’t take into account the hidden value a good 3PL can offer from positioning a shipper as a shipper of choice with carriers to offering customized solutions for unique needs. Let’s face it, the Amazon effect has changed customer expectations. And smart shippers are those who will find a way to exceed these higher expectations.

For further information, check out our free eBook on the benefits of high service levels an excellent 3PL like Pyramid Transport can offer!

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