Cost. Service. Or Both?

When looking for a logistics partner, most shippers try to balance a need for cost-efficient shipping with an equal–or often greater–need for high levels of service. This is nowhere more true than in the shipment of temperature-controlled goods. This attempt to find a good balance is known in the shipping business as cost vs. service level.

So what exactly does it mean–cost vs. service level?

In searching for capable logistics partners (3PLs or carriers), nearly all shippers will claim they want both–low cost and good service. After all, shippers are like everyone else who wants a certain amount of bang for their buck.

What most shippers are less certain about is what exactly this entails and how to decide if they want low low rates or exceptional customer service.

It’s a good idea for shippers to know what services they can and cannot do without when they are looking for a logistics partner. This knowledge will help them make informed decisions.

Several Services Shippers May Desire:

  • Tracking and visibility options for shipments.
  • Expedited, Same and Next Day Pickup and Delivery
  • Load Scheduling
  • Accurate and Fast Freight Quotes
  • Web-based platform for Reporting, Billing Information, and Shipping Documents.

Here at Pyramid Transport, we believe in and offer these and other top quality solutions for our customers’ unique shipping needs. After all, we specialize in temperature-controlled and frozen ltl freight–which requires special care and handling. That means we’re good at everything.

But here’s where we really shine. We have 25 years of experience in the transportation industry. We know what we’re doing. We have a plan and a process to make sure your freight delivers on-time, undamaged, and at the right temperature. Every single time!

When you ship with Pyramid Transport, you avoid distractions and stay focused because we make the delivery process clear!

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