Chilling Out with Frozen LTL

No one understands how important shelf life is better than the frozen food executive! Shelf life matters, and it matters a lot–whether you are shipping frozen baked goods, seafood, or any variety of frozen foods! The integrity of the cold chain is key when you are trying to get your product to consumers. A broken link can decrease the shelf-life of your product–that is if it doesn’t completely ruin it!

When shipping frozen food, efficiency is critical to the safe and timely delivery of your product. Frozen products must move as quickly as possible through the shipping process. At the same time, several important factors must be considered such as temperature requirements, appropriate handling, temperature monitoring, and proper storage.

Let’s talk for a minute about Frozen LTL. As far as logistics specialties go, Frozen LTL takes more expertise and experience than usual. It’s difficult to find quality freight brokers or LTL carriers who specialize in frozen products–and when you do find one you need to be careful, because many are inefficient at maintaining the stringent temperature controls that frozen goods require. LTL shipping offers many advantages over truckload shipping including flexibility, reduced costs, and efficiency, but only when you are dealing with professionals who care about your product as much as you do!

Here at Pyramid Transport, we get it! We’ve been in the business of frozen food shipping for over 25 years. We understand the hassles businesses face in getting their temperature-controlled products to customers, and we’re here to help!

You see, we specialize in Frozen LTL–that means you don’t have to find qualified carriers because we already know them–almost 5000 licensed carriers in our database, and we are always adding more. When you combine our experienced logistics coordinators with our innovative technology and superior knowledge you have a recipe for success. Your success. Because at Pyramid Transport, we don’t succeed unless you do!

Don’t be distracted by working with a bad freight broker or trying to find quality carriers on your own. Ship with Pyramid Transport! We’ll keep your LTL freight frozen–every step of the way!

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